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Tag: Book History

  • Fury Road

    Fury Road

    Today, we have a long trip coming up ahead for us, we will keep on following Orlando in his crazy path and finally we will join the last station of our trip: the moon…
  • Savage and Ravage

    Savage and Ravage

    Today we continue our journey into madness in following and observing some strange transformations happening to Orlando.
  • Engrave the Fury!

    Engrave the Fury!

    In a series of three posts, I invite you on a journey into madness in one of the most incredible stories of the Renaissance
  • Talking about Feelings

    Talking about Feelings

    Writing a history of emotions is no easy task. How can we find out how people felt in the past? Where can we find traces of their emotions?
  • Extremely Oily Flammable Fish

    Extremely Oily Flammable Fish

    A 1563 description of a mysterious fish claims this is so oily it can fuel lamps, and develops from another fish, which can be used to catch wasps. How can we make sense of descriptions containing outrageous claims such as these?