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  • A wall poem: the deaf way

    A wall poem: the deaf way

    October 14, the world’s first sign language wall poem was revealed in Leiden. This blog started from things I learned that day about the powerful messages communicated through SL poetry and the demand for recognition that you can ‘see’ between the lines.
  • #DeafiesInDrag #Challenges

    #DeafiesInDrag #Challenges

    Looi van Kessel and Nynke Feenstra collaborate in a new blog series on the intersection of different minoritizing identifications. In this post, they discuss the work of Deafies in Drag and how they contribute to LGBT acceptance within the Deaf community.
  • Sail a Boat on Finger Waves

    Sail a Boat on Finger Waves

    When I saw a sign language poem for the first time, I felt gooseflesh rise and prickle my skin. In this blogpost I explore the origin and history of this modern art form.
  • Do you feel ‘abled’?

    Do you feel ‘abled’?

    A milestone. On April 12, the Dutch Senate ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). What will change, and why are we all necessary actors for this convention to succeed?