Author's Guidelines

Author's Guidelines

Author guidelines Leiden Arts in Society Blog

Checklist before submitting your blog:

  • Ideal amount of words: 800-1000 (excl. notes & references)
  • Submit your blog in Word (.doc) format
  • Send images in separate files; check copyright
  • Size of images should not exceed 2MB
  • Optional: indicate preference for header image
  • Assign a category to the blog (see point 12 below)
  • Think of 5 tags for your blog
  • Include an attractive title
  • Write a teaser of max. 300 characters including spaces

For first-time writers:

- Include relevant links to personal website or LinkedIn
- Send us a profile picture in a separate file (max. 2 MB)

General information:

1. Blog posts should be related to your academic research in the broader sense of the word. This could also include: personal experiences, conference reports, (philosophical) reflections, book reviews, etc.

2. Blog posts should bear a relation to the research being done at LUCAS.

3. Blog posts should be written in English.

4. Please submit the text in 12-point Times New Roman, and make sure you have spell checked the text rigorously.

5. Use footnotes only when absolutely necessary. Provide references through in-text bibliographical notes (author-date). Instead of using notes, you can also include references under the heading “further reading” at the bottom of the page.

6. If you do use notes, references and citations should be according the Chicago Manual of Style: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html.

7. Please respect and maintain academic integrity by acknowledging your sources. This includes your own previously published work. If applicable, make sure to request and obtain permission from the appropriate copyright holder before including any copyrighted material, either textual or visual.

8. If you include quotes in another language than English, also include a translation, preferably in the text.

9. We encourage you to use hyperlinks to other websites (Wikipedia, news articles, online museum catalogues) and visual material. Hyperlinks can be included in the Word document.

10. Deliver visual material in a separate file in an image format (.JPG, .PNG, .GIF, not in Word!). Give each image a title and a number corresponding to its position in the blog (1, 2, 3). Please indicate in your text where each illustration should be fitted exactly, using the numbers, and provide the source information for each image.

11. Provide a teaser of max. 300 characters (incl. spaces). This teaser will also appear on the homepage of the Leiden Arts in Society Blog.

12. All posts will be categorised under one or more of the following categories:

- Classics and Classical Civilisation

- Medieval and Early Modern Studies

- Modern and Contemporary Studies

When submitting a post, please indicate in which category we should place your post.

13. Please provide at least 5 tags to go with your post. Examples are:

Formation and Transmission of Culture, Political and Social Structure, Material Culture, Infrastructure, Literature, Intellectual History, Religious History, Visual Arts, Architecture and Design, Science, Texts and Book History, Rhetoric and Agency, Media, Collections.

You are free to suggest new tags. When submitting a post, please let us know your preferred tags. This will increase the visibility of your post and the searchability of the blog.

14. We create contributor pages for all authors that link to your university profile pages. All authors supply links to relevant social media they want to refer to (such as academia.edu or Linkedin). Unless asked otherwise, and unless another photo is supplied, the photo from your university profile page will be visible on your contributor page.