LUCAS Explains #5: Why face the dead? About finding meaning in life.

LUCAS Explains #5: Why face the dead? About finding meaning in life.

In these challenging times of the corona virus, a lot of people are afraid to lose their loved ones. In fact, the virus exposes the oldest fear of humankind, our fear of death. This fear has always inspired literary writers to create visits to the world of the dead. Amaranth Feuth explains why.

Many people know the name of Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet who wrote the Divine Comedy, in which Dante’s alter ego visited hell, purgatory, and had a vision of heaven. In fact, the visit to the afterlife was already present in Ancient Greek and Latin epics, and is still quite often used in literature today. It has become a motif which connects writers to the literary tradition that raised them, and an instrument for these writers to show that they know their classics. As a result, visiting the dead gives poets a place within the literary canon themselves, but also gives us as readers meaning in life during crises such as the current corona crisis.

Amaranth Feuth, 'Why face the dead? About finding meaning in life'.


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