Gert-Jan van Dijk

Gert-Jan van Dijk, Post-doc Researcher at
Gert-Jan van Dijk

Dr. Gert-Jan van Dijk (’s-Hertogenbosch,1963) studied Classics at Catholic (now: Radboud) University Nijmegen (1981-1989), and wrote a dissertation in Nijmegen as well (1989-1997l promotores Prof. Dr. A.H.M. Kessels, (Prof.) Dr. I.J.F. de Jong). Recently published a book in Genova on the reception of Greek & Latin fables in Medieval and Modern literature.

Author of several articles in journals and contributions to books on various aspects of fables.

Currently working as a post-doc in a research project on “Aesopian Fables 1500-2010: Word, Image, Education” at Leiden University with Dr. Lisanne Wepler and Céline Zaepffel conducted by Prof. Paul J. Smith.



Αἶνοι, Λόγοι, Μῦθοι. Fables in Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greek Literature. With a Study of the Theory and Terminology of the Genre, Diss. Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Leiden/New York/Köln: Brill 1997 (Mnemosyne Supplements 166)

Ignatius Diaconus. Fabelkwatrijnen. Byzantijnse Tetrasticha. Inleiding, tekst, vertaling en commentaar, Groningen: Styx 2000 (Obolos 11)

Aesopica posteriora. Medieval and Modern Versions of Greek and Latin Fables. With a Preface by Francisco Rodriguez Adrados, Università di Genova: Ledizioni 2015

In collaboration with F. Rodríguez Adrados, History of the Graeco-Latin Fable. Translated [from the Spanish (1987)] by L.A. Ray and F. Rojas del Canto. Supplemented and Edited by the author and Gert-Jan van Dijk with the addition of new materials, III: Documentation of the Graeco-Latin Fable, Leiden/Boston: Brill 2003 (Mnemosyne Supplements 236

In collaboration with Gert Kneppert, Hanny Demeersseman, Lucette Meijer-Van Gorp, herziening en bewerking van G.J.M. Bartelink, Prisma Woordenboek Grieks-Nederlands, Utrecht: Het Spectrum (in voorbereiding)


In addition several articles and reviews in various scientific books and journals.